Perm, Russia Federation

Perm, Russia Federation

Academician Korolev Street, 1

The Fourth Russian Conference on Magnetohydrodynamics

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RMHD-2021 abstracts (pdf).

Conference program (pdf, version September 19).

List of accepted talks (pdf, version September 19).


Scientific committee:

  • P. Frick (ICMM UB RAS, Perm) – chairman
  • O. Zikanov (University of Michigan, Dearborn)
  • A. Ivanov (UFU, Ekaterinburg)
  • S. Kantorovich (UFU, Ekaterinburg; University of Vienna, Austria)
  • Ya. Listratov (MPEI, Moscow)
  • D. Obukhov (NIIEFA, St. Petersburg)
  • Yu. Raikher (ICMM UB RAS, Perm)
  • D. Sokoloff (MSU, Moscow)
  • R. Stepanov (ICMM UB RAS, Perm)
  • F. Stefani (HZDR, Dresden-Rossendorf, Germany)



  • Fundamental Problems of Magnetohydrodynamics
  • Magnetohydrodynamic turbulence
  • Astrophysical and Geophysical Magnetohydrodynamics
  • Applied Magnetohydrodynamics
  • Magnetic Fluids and Their Applications
  • Soft Magnetic Matter and its Application-Oriented Aspects
  • Heat and Mass Transfer in Liquid Metals (with and without magnetic field)


Dates to remember

  • February 1 – March 31, 2021 – registration and one-page abstract submission;
  • May 14, 2021 – notification of acceptance;
  • July 1, 2021 – conference program at the website;
  • August 20, 2021 – decision about format of event;
  • September 20 – 22, 2021 – conference period.


Format of Event

Due to the poor epidemiological situation (in particular, in Perm), the organizers decided to carry out the conference online, without registration fee.



The conference will take place in the main building of ICMM UB RAS (Perm, Russia) main building with accommodation in city hotels.

Official languages of the Conference are English (preferable) and Russian.

All abstracts, posters and plenary lectures should be presented in English. Regular oral presentations can be made in Russian, although English is recommended.

Abstracts and registration forms are to be sent via email to mhd@icmm.ru

Because the conference does not have any special financial support, we abandon the special issue of "Magnetohydrodynamics" this time.


Contact address

Institute of Continuous Media Mechanics of the Ural Branch of Russian Academy of Science, 614013, Acad. Korolev Street, 1 Perm, Organizing Committee of the Russian Conference on Magnetohydrodynamics (RMHD-2021)


Conference secretary

Ilya Kolesnichenko

Phone: +7 (982) 4524625

Phone: +7 (342) 2378381

Phone: +7 (342) 2378322 (P. Frick)

e-mail: mhd@icmm.ru

Fax: +7 (342) 2378487

    • Работа конференции: Opening
      Convener: Peter Frick
      • 1

        Открытие конференции

    • Applied magnetohydrodynamics: Session 1 - Applied magnetohydrodynamics
      • 2
        Injection of nanoparticles of boron nitride in liquid aluminum during its MHD-stirring
        Speaker: Stanislav Khripchenko
      • 3
        Development of electromagnetic pump for the second loop of the MBIR reactor
        Speaker: D Obukhov
      • 4
        Liquid metal level measurement
        Speaker: Ruslan Khalilov
      • 5
        Electromagnetic stirring in continuous casting of steel
        Speaker: S Gruzd
    • Heat and mass transfer in liquid metals: Session 2 - Heat and mass transfer in liquid metals
      • 6
        Hydrodynamic characteristics and heat transfer in the laminar cocurrent flow of two parallel flows of liquid metals
        Speaker: I Yachikov
      • 7
        Features of the large-scale circulation behavior during Rayleigh-Benard convection in a square cylinder filled with liquid sodium
        Speaker: Андрей Мамыкин (ИМСС)
      • 8
        Heat transfer in case of mixed boundary conditions
        Speaker: Andrey Sukhanovsky
      • 9
        Natural convective in MHD duct flow
        Speaker: E Shmakov
    • 11:20 AM
      Coffee break
    • Applied magnetohydrodynamics
      • 10
        Magnetic flowmeter for fast sodium reactors
        Speaker: I Velt
      • 11
        Electromagnetic flowmeter for liquid metals: calculation, design and calibration
        Speaker: Alexander Pavlinov
      • 12
        Electromagnetic field in the flowmeter channel for liquid metals
        Speaker: Yu Mikhailova
      • 13
        Temperature correlation method application to the problem of measuring the flow rate of liquid sodium
        Speaker: Андрей Мамыкин (ИМСС)
      • 14
        Elimination of magnetic flowmeters nonlinearity caused by the MHD-effect
        Speaker: V Sudarikov
    • Fundamental problems of magnetohydrodynamics
      • 15
        The electroconvective flows of a low conducting liquid in a steady and modulated electric field
        Speaker: O Nekrasov
      • 16
        Stability of MHD flow in a 90-degree bend
        Speaker: A Proskurin
      • 17
        Comparison of Q2D and 3D models of MHD duct flow instability
        Speaker: I Smolianov
      • 18
        Coherent columnar vortex in three-dimensional rotating turbulent flow: structure and spatial correlations
        Speaker: L Ogorodnikov
      • 19
        Method for calculating the complex amplitudes of the electromagnetic field in a cylindrical channel of an induction plasmatron
        Speaker: V Korovin
    • 1:10 PM
    • Plenary lectures: Transformation of submerged liquid metal jets under strong magnetic fields
      • 20
        Transformation of submerged liquid metal jets under strong magnetic fields
        Speaker: Y Kolesnikov
    • Astrophysical and geophysical magnetohydrodynamics: Session 5 - Astrophysical and geophysical magnetohydrodynamics
      • 21
        Could Earth’s solid core be a magnet?
        Speaker: E Golbraikh
      • 22
        Possible synchronization mechanisms for Short- and long-term cycles of the solar dynamo
        Speaker: F Stefani
      • 23
        The joint cooling model of the core and mantle
        Speaker: M Reshetnyak
      • 24
        Nesting magnetic activity on the fast rotating solar analogs
        Speaker: V Pipin
    • Heat and mass transfer in liquid metals: Session 6 - Heat and mass transfer in liquid metals
      • 25
        Experimentally synchronizing the large-scale circulation in a cylindrical Rayleigh-Benard cell by tide-like electromagnetic forcing
        Speaker: P Justel
      • 26
        Numerical simulation of tidal synchronization of the large-scale circulation in Rayleigh-Benard convection with aspect ratio 1
        Speaker: S Rohrborn
      • 27
        Magnetoconvection with anisotropic diffusion as a tool to investigate the dynamics of dynamo regions
        Speaker: J Brestensky
      • 28
        Limits of magneto-convective fluctuations in liquid metal downflow in vertical channels affected by a transverse magnetic field
        Speaker: I Belyaev
    • 3:50 PM
      Coffee break
    • Plenary lectures: Dynamo action of the large scale flow in a precessing cylinder
      • 29
        Dynamo action of the large scale flow in a precessing cylinder
        Speaker: A Giesecke
    • Applied magnetohydrodynamics: Session 7 - Applied magnetohydrodynamics
      • 30
        Vertical heat transfer in a cylindrical vessel with liquid metal under alternating exposure to traveling and rotating magnetic fields
        Speaker: Stanislav Khripchenko
      • 31
        Impurity distribution in a rectangular cell under travelling magnetic field
        Speaker: I Sokolov
      • 32
        Nonstationary instability of axisymmetric flow of a liquid in a rotating magnetic field
        Speaker: A Zibold
      • 33
        The effect of magnetic field on waves in a centrifuged conducting viscous layer inside a rotating cylindrical container
        Speaker: I Soldatov
    • Fundamental problems of magnetohydrodynamics: Session 8 - Fundamental problems of magnetohydrodynamics
      • 34
        Convective, absolute and global azimuthal magnetorotational instability
        Speaker: A Mishra
      • 35
        A new kind of double-diffusive helical magnetorotational instability in rotating flows with positive shear
        Speaker: G Mamatsashvili
      • 36
        Magnetoconvection in a horizontal duct flow at very high Hartmann and Grashof numbers
        Speaker: R Akhmedagaev
      • 37
        Non-axisymmetric flows in the solar interior and quasi-biennial variations of solar activity
        Speaker: K Kuzanyan
      • 38
        Dynamo model in anisotropic uniform turbulent flow with shorttime correlations
        Speaker: R Allahverdiyev
    • Applied magnetohydrodynamics: Session 10 - Applied magnetohydrodynamics
      • 39
        Influence of MHD-channel geometry on pressure drop
        Speaker: Vinialin Dolgikh
      • 40
        Electromagnetic forces acting in a representative volume of liquid metal with inclusions of various shapes
        Speaker: Владимир Озерных (ИМСС УрО РАН)
      • 41
        Modelling of liquid magnesium convection in a titanium reduction apparatus
        Speaker: Тимофей Карасёв (ИМСС УрО РАН)
      • 42
        Impact the inhomogeneity of electric conductivity on MHD processes
        Speaker: R Okatev
    • Fundamental problems of magnetohydrodynamics: Session 9 - Fundamental problems of magnetohydrodynamics
      • 43
        Numerical simulation of the free surface magnetohydrodynamic wave turbulence
        Speaker: E Kochurin
      • 44
        On some properties of slow magnetoacoustic and entropy waves in the heatreleasing coronal plasma
        Speaker: D Zavershinskii
      • 45
        Eigenfunctions in different galactic dynamo models
        Speaker: E Mikhailov
      • 46
        Exploratory statistical analysis of Wolf numbers, their time derivatives and variation times of the solar activity
        Speaker: S Yakovleva
    • 11:20 AM
      Coffee break
    • Fundamental problems of magnetohydrodynamics: Session 11 - Fundamental problems of magnetohydrodynamics
      • 47
        Continuous component of solar and stellar activity spectra in light of dynamo theory
        Speaker: D Sokoloff
      • 48
        Simulation of vortex and magnetic fields in three-dimensional flows of conductive media
        Speaker: O Mitrofanova
      • 49
        Dynamic mode decomposition of MHD bubble chain flow
        Speaker: M Klevs
      • 50
        Generation mechanisms of vortex-wave processes in conductive media
        Speaker: I Pozdeeva
      • 51
        Influence of the precession angle on the flow inside a precessing cylinder
        Speaker: V Kumar
    • Magnetic fluids and their applications: Session 12 - Magnetic fluids and their applications
      • 52
        Mathematical modelling of the collective magnetization relaxation dynamics of Brownian magnetic nanoparticles
        Speaker: A.O. Ivanov
      • 53
        Mathematical modelling of static magnetic properties of multicore particles
        Speaker: I Subbotin
      • 54
        The specific loss power of a system of single-domain interacting superparamagnetic particles
        Speaker: A Kuznetsova
      • 55
        Convection of a magnetic fluid in vertical connected channels in a permanent magnetic field
        Speaker: A Sidorov
      • 56
        Viscoelasticity modules in ferrofluids with clustered nanoparticles
        Speaker: D Chirikov
    • 1:10 PM
    • Plenary lectures: Electrovortex flow in cylindrical cell
      • 57
        Electrovortex flow in cylindrical cell
        Speaker: Ilya Kolesnichenko
    • Fundamental problems of magnetohydrodynamics: Session 13 - Fundamental problems of magnetohydrodynamics
      • 58
        Metal Pad Rotation instability experimental model
        Speaker: Владислав Ельтищев (ИМСС УрО РАН)
      • 59
        Evolution of strong electrovortex flow under external magnetic field in cylindrical cell
        Speaker: Peter Frick
      • 60
        MHD driven localized short circuits in liquid metal batteries
        Speaker: N Weber
      • 61
        Compositional convection in liquid metal electrodes
        Speaker: P Personnettaz
    • Magnetic fluids and their applications: Session 14 - Magnetic fluids and their applications
      • 62
        Separation of active-dipolar cubes in applied fields
        Speaker: M Kaiser
      • 63
        The magnetized spherical couette system: from numerics to experiments
        Speaker: F Garcia
      • 64
        Phase behavior of charged magnetic nanoplatelets
        Speaker: M Rosenberg
      • 65
        Simple approximate formula for susceptibility of concentrated ferrofluid in a DC and AC magnetic fields
        Speaker: E Elfimova
    • 3:50 PM
      Coffee break
    • Plenary lectures: Plasma-surface interaction in fusion devices: review of recent results
      • 66
        Plasma-surface interaction in fusion devices: review of recent results
        Speaker: V Budaev
    • Fundamental problems of magnetohydrodynamics: Session 15 - Fundamental problems of magnetohydrodynamics
      • 67
        Nonstationary electrovortex flow in hemispherical bowl with external magnetic field: analytical Stokes solution
        Speaker: K Malyshev
      • 68
        Comparison of computational and measurement results for electrovortex flow in experimental setup with liquid metal and power supply over top and bottom electrodes
        Speaker: S Pavlovs
      • 69
        Velocity measurements in the electrovortex flow in the system with two submerged electrodes
        Speaker: I Teplyakov
      • 70
        The spin-up process of the electrovortex flow subject to the external magnetic field
        Speaker: Сергей Мандрыкин (Institute of Continuous Media Mechanics of the Ural Branch of Russian Academy of Science (ICMM UB RAS))
      • 71
        Peculiarities of electrovortex flows in a multi-electrode arc furnace at DC and low frequency AC power supply
        Speaker: A Kukharev
    • Magnetic fluids and their applications: Session 16 - Magnetic fluids and their applications
      • 72
        An effect of the magnetic field on heat transfer of boiling magnetic fluid on a horizontal heater with spot heat input
        Speaker: A Yanovskii
      • 73
        Influence of nonlinearity of magnetization law on Kelvin-Helmholtz instability for horizontal relative motion of ferrofluid and gas flows in a longitudinal magnetic field
        Speaker: V Korovin
      • 74
        Instability of a flat surface of a magnetic fluid at the boundary with water in an electric field
        Speaker: V Chekanov
      • 75
        Dispersion of slow magnetoacoustic waves caused by thermal misbalance and finite size of magnetic flux tube
        Speaker: S Belov
      • 76
        Hydro-gas dynamics of vaporization in a magnetic liquid in a magnetic field
        Speaker: A Simonovskii
    • Applied magnetohydrodynamics: Session 17 - Applied magnetohydrodynamics
      • 77
        Interaction of buoyancy and EM forced convection during horizontal directional solidification
        Speaker: E Shvydkiy
      • 78
        Travelling magnetic field pumps for liquid metals: numerical and experimental studies
        Speaker: Ruslan Khalilov
      • 79
        Numerical simulation of melting and stirring in induction furnace with graphite crucible
        Speaker: D Brazhnik
      • 80
        Liquid metal flow generation in cylindrical cell by smart inductor
        Speaker: Ilya Kolesnichenko
    • Soft magnetic matter and its application-oriented aspects: Session 18 - Soft magnetic matter and its application-oriented aspects
      • 81
        Magnetic and rheological properties of supracolloidal magnetic polymers in a Poiseuille flow
        Speaker: V Zverev
      • 82
        On the isotropic-nematic liquid crystal phase transitions in a solution of polydisperse magnetic disks
        Speaker: D Petrov
      • 83
        Self-assembly supramolecular magnetic polymers with different monomers
        Speaker: E Pyanzina
      • 84
        Magnetoactive elastomers: molecular dynamics simulations of magnetic properties
        Speaker: A Dobrosedova
    • 11:20 AM
      Coffee break
    • Fundamental problems of magnetohydrodynamics: Session 18 - Fundamental problems of magnetohydrodynamics
      • 85
        Numerical simulation of two-dimensional MHD turbulence behind a grid in an annular channel
        Speaker: Rodion Stepanov
      • 86
        Conditions for the formation of the magnetic field at the early stages of the Earth’s evolution
        Speaker: M Mindubaev
      • 87
        Numerical mhd modeling of hot Jupiter transit absorptions in the metastable helium line
        Speaker: M Rumenskikh
      • 88
        The influence of ion-neutral collisions on the amplification of thermally unstable magnetoacoustic waves
        Speaker: D Riashchikov
      • 89
        The simplest linear Solar dynamo and non-linear geodynamo
        Speaker: S Starchenko
    • Soft magnetic matter and its application-oriented aspects: Session 20 - Soft magnetic matter and its application-oriented aspects
      • 90
        Effective field method in the physics of ferromagnetic liquid crystal suspensions
        Speaker: D Petrov
      • 91
        Joint influence of magnetic field and normal vibrations on the instability of two-layer system, containing magnetic and non-magnetic fluids
        Speaker: Evgeniy Sadilov
      • 92
        Transient and permanent convection of colloid in a horizontal cell
        Speaker: B Smorodin
      • 93
        Tuning the magnetoelectric effect in polymer-based nanocomposites
        Speaker: V Rodionova
      • 94
        Magnetic and structural properties of magnetic elastomers
        Speaker: M Gupalo
    • 1:10 PM
    • Plenary lectures: Transfer phenomena in magnetic fluid composites
      • 95
        Transfer phenomena in magnetic fluid composites
        Speaker: A Zakinyan
    • Applied magnetohydrodynamics: Session 21 - Applied magnetohydrodynamics
      • 96
        Inductive system for magnesium level detection in a titanium reduction reactor
        Speaker: N Krauter
      • 97
        Electromagnetic measurements of non-ferrous metals conductivity
        Speaker: Геннадий Лосев (ИМСС УрО РАН)
      • 98
        Study of keeping a permanent magnet suspended in a pulsed magnetic field
        Speaker: I Yachikov
      • 99
        Numerical simulation of heat and mass transfer in a metal melt and deformations in a dielectric film during induction melting
        Speaker: I Nikulin
    • Magnetic fluids and their applications: Session 22 - Magnetic fluids and their applications
      • 100
        Magnetic nanogel in shear flow
        Speaker: I Novikau
      • 101
        Four-parameter model of magnetizable elastomers viscoelastic behavior
        Speaker: D Merkulov
      • 102
        Rheology of nanoscale polymer-like chains with ferromagnetic nanoparticles
        Speaker: D Mostarac
      • 103
        Specific deformation of drops of magnetic emulsion in a variable electric field
        Speaker: E Beketova
    • 3:50 PM
      Coffee break
    • Plenary lectures: Magnetic microswimmers in external potentials
      • 104
        Magnetic microswimmers in external potentials
        Speaker: A Erbe
    • Astrophysical and geophysical magnetohydrodynamics: Session 23 - Astrophysical and geophysical magnetohydrodynamics
      • 105
        Finite memory time and anisotropy effects for the initial stage of dynamo process
        Speaker: E Illarionov
      • 106
        The magnetic helicity and higher helicity invariants as constraints for dynamo action
        Speaker: P Akhmet’ev
      • 107
        Magnetic field symmetries in the frame of spherical dynamo for exoplanets and host stars
        Speaker: E Yushkov
      • 108
        Magnetosphere response to solar wind forcing: 2D MHD simulation results at various solar wind parameters
        Speaker: A Likhachev
      • 109
        Study of astrophysical magnetic turbulence with new generation X-ray polarimeters. Application to supernova remnants
        Speaker: Y Uvarov
    • Magnetic fluids and their applications: Session 24 - Magnetic fluids and their applications
      • 110
        Experimental study of the magnetic fluid surface tension variation in the uniform magnetic field
        Speaker: С Khokhryakova
      • 111
        Statistical theory of magnetic field induced phase transitions in ferronematics
        Speaker: A Mantsurov
      • 112
        Floating of non-magnetic and superparamagnetic solids in ferrofluids: inductive approach
        Speaker: Alexey Ivanov
      • 113
        Waves on a free surface of a magnetic fluid in alternating vertical magnetic field
        Speaker: Екатерина Колесниченко (ИМСС УрО РАН)
      • 114
        Relaxation spectrum of a superparamagnetic nanoparticle, suspended in a liquid: the effect of an applied field
        Speaker: Igor Poperechny
    • Работа конференции: Closing