Mar 22 – 26, 2021
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Завершен прием статей в спецвыпуск журнала IOP Journal of Physics: Conference Series .

Все поступившие статьи направлены на проверку соответствия требованиям к оформлению, антиплагиат и на рецензирование.

Список поступивших статей:

  1. Alabuzhev A.A. The influence of a heterogeneous surface on the free volume oscillations of an oblate gas bubble
  2. Awad H.A.M., Nastavkin A.V. Some mechanical and physical studies of granitic rocks in Um Taghir, Eastern Desert, Egypt
  3. Beltyukov N.L. Studying the Kaiser effect during modeling of rock loading conditions using the NX-borehole jack
  4. Bochkarev S.A. and Lekomtsev S.V. Stability analysis of composite cylindrical shell containing rotating fluid
  5. Bratsun D.A. and Buzmakov M.D. Stochastic modeling of protein field with a delayed feedback
  6. Cheboksartseva M.A., Zaytsev D., Ivashov A.S., Mandra J.V., Gholudev S. On the possibility of describing the microstructure of human dentin as soft matrix filled by solid particles
  7. Chudinov V.S., Shardakov I.N. Carbon coating on surface of PVC blood bags
  8. Chudinov V.S., Shardakov I.N., Litvinov V.V., Galkin S.V. and Kondyurin A.V. Plasma treatment of vascular implant
  9. Demin V.A., Petukhov M.I., Shmyrova A.I. 3D instability of a toroidal flow in the liquid partially covered by a solid film
  10. Denisova M.O., Kostarev K.G. Droplet deformation under conditions of neutral buoyancy
  11. Efremov D.V., Bannikova I.A., Bayandin Yu.V., Krutihin E.V. and Zhuravlev V.A.  Study of viscoelastic properties of fluids for hydraulic fracturing
  12. Erofeev V.I., Leonteva A.V. Dispersion of Elastic Waves Propagating in a Fluid-Saturated Porous Medium with Cavities
  13. Fattalov O., Lyubimova T., Rybkin K., Kozlov M., Kuchinskiy M. Experimental study of the processes of formation, drift and coalescence of vapor-gas bubbles in aqueous solutions of salts and surfactants in a sonochemical reactor
  14. Garishin O.K., Pelevin A.G. and Sokolov A.K. Computer simulation of elastomeric blade and annular specimens testing taking into account the deformation rate of their working parts
  15. Gileva O.S., Levitskaya A.D., Mudrova O.A., Daurova F.Y.  and Zuev A.L. Changes in mechanical and microstructural characteristics of demineralized tooth enamel after conventional and modified infiltration techniques
  16. Glebova P.A. Approaches to calculating loads on interchamber pillars under incomplete undermined conditions
  17. Glot I., Shardakov I., Shestakov A., Tsvetkov R. and Gusev G. Inclinometer-based long-term monitoring of the headframe of salt mine shaft
  18. Gulin V.V., Nikitin A.D. On the inherent polycrystal stress concentration
  19. Ivanov A.S. and Khokhryakova C.A. Non-magnetic solid body in ferrofluid containers: wall effects
  20. Izyumov R.I., Kislitsyn V.D., Svistkov A.L. Semicontact AFM mode for fast determining the subsurface structure of filled elastomers
  21. Kashina M.A. and Alabuzhev A.A. Influence of the properties of the plate surface on the natural oscillations of the clamped drop
  22. Kaygorodtseva A.A., Zakharchenko K.V., Kapustin V.I. and Shutov A.V. Invariant procedure for error sensitivity analysis applied to cyclic creep modelling
  23. Khokhryakova C.A. and Kolesnichenko E.V. Waves on a free surface of ferrofluid layer, laying on a liquid substrate
  24. Khripchenko S., Dolgikh V., Kiselkov D. Experiment on injection of sic and bn nanoparticles into liquid aluminum using mhd stirring with subsequent crystallization of the melt
  25. Klyuchancev V.S., Shutov A.V.  Nonlocal FEM simulations of ductile damage with regularized crack path predictions
  26. Knyazev D.V. An integral of the two-dimensional stationary viscous fluid flow equations
  27. Kolesov E.V., Kazakov B.P. and Grishin E.L. Study of the convective stratification of airflows in mine shaft
  28. Kosheleva N., Serovaev G., Gusev G. Strain measurement and defect detection with fiber-optic sensors embedded into the cement sample
  29. Koskov M.A., Pshenichnikov A.F. Stationary thermomagnetic convection of ferrofluid in an enclosed loop
  30. Kozlov N.V. New experimental results on steady streaming in oscillating deformable spherical container
  31. Krasnyakov I.V., Bratsun D.A. and Pismen L.M. Mathematical modeling of invasive carcinoma: biomechanics of small groups of cancer cells
  32. Kuchinskiy M., Lyubimova T., Rybkin K., Fattalov O.  Experimental study of the acoustic pressuredistribution in a sonochemical reactor
  33. Kuznetsova E.V., Kolmogorov G.L. and Evsina A.V.  Analysis of residual stress distribution in rods after drawing process with regard to process variables
  34. Kuznetsova E.V., Pankova S.A., Podkina N.S. Influence of extreme conditions on premature cracking of zirconium cladding of fuel elements in nuclear reactors
  35. Lebedev A.V., Lysenko S.N. Dynamics of flat barium hexaferrite particles in a liotropic liquid crystal
  36. Lepikhin A.P., Lyubimova T.P., Bogomolov A.V., Lyakhin Yu.S., Tiunov A.A., Kolchanov V.Yu.,. Parshakova Ya.N Vertical density inhomogeneity of Kama reservoir water masses in the region of Berezniki: possible genesis and influence on the stability of water use
  37. Lyubimova T., Prokopev S. and Shevtsova V. Behaviour of a ternary mixture with the net separation ratio close to zero
  38. Lyubimova T.P., Kazimardanov M.G. Convection of viscoplastic fluid in square cavity heated from the sidewalls
  39. Lyubimova T.P., Rushinskaya K.S., Zubova N.A. Convection of a Binary Mixture with Thermal Diffusion Coefficient that Depends on Temperature
  40. Matvienko Yu.G., Razumovskii I.A., Fedorov A.A. Numerical modeling the effect of static indentation on the rate and the fatigue crack growth trajectory
  41. Mizev A., Shmyrov A., Pshenichnikiva-Peleneva I., Shmyrova A. and Mizeva I. Surface properties of pulmonary surfactant sampled by bronchoalveolar lavage and by electrostatic exhaled aerosol trapping
  42. Mizev A.I., Mosheva E.A. and Shmyrov A.V. Double-diffusive convection in the continuous flow microreactors
  43. Mizeva I. Capillary wave-detection algorithm based on cylindrical solitary waves
  44. Nihamkin M.Sh., Solomonov D.G. and Voronkov A.A.Experimental study of fatigue damage accumulation in laminated carbon reinforced fiber plastics
  45. Nikitin A.D. and Stratula B.A. Analytical and numerical study of biaxial bending on VHCF testing machine
  46. Nikitin I.S., Burago N.G., Nikitin A.D. and Stratula B.A. Mathematical modeling of fatigue fracture at high-frequency bending vibrations
  47. Nikitin I.S., Nikitin A.D., Stratula B.A. Study on the resonant torsion vibration in hourglass specimens under VHCF loading
  48. Olkhovskiy D.V., Kuzminykh E.G., Zaitsev A.V. and Semin M.A. Study of heat and mass transfer in ventilation shafts of deep mines in the case of airflow reverse
  49. Oshmarin D.A., Iurlov M.A., Iurlova N.A., Sevodina N.V. Controlling the vibration amplitude of a system with a piezoelectric element by applying an electric voltage to it
  50. Ozernykh V., Kolesnichenko I. The action of an electromagnetic force on an elongated inclusion in an electrically conductive liquid
  51. Panfilov G.P., Zaytsev D., Panfilov P., Kiseev V. Influence of a liquid on the deformation behavior of porous nickel and titanium under compression
  52. Panfilov P., Zaytsev D., Panfilov G., Milenina I., Yermakov A. On malleability of rhenium at room temperature
  53. Permyakova E.V., Klimenko L.S., Tyulkina I.V.  and Goldobin D.S. Four approaches for description of stochastic systems with small and finite inertia
  54. Sazhenkov N.A., Voronov L.V., Nikhamkin M.Sh. Experimental study of polyurea protective coating effectiveness for layered composite material reinforced by glass-fiber under impact loading
  55. Shel’deshova E.V., Polunin V.M., Churaev A.A., Ryapolov P.A. Dynamics of magnetic fluid cylinder in inhomogeneous magnetic field
  56. Shmyrova A. and Shmyrov A. Experimental study of the flow structure stability on the gas bubble surface
  57. Shuliatnikova O., Rogozhnikov G., Porozova S., Rogozhnikov A. Experimental study of the strength characteristics of a modified polymer base material for use in orthopedic dentistry
  58. Somov S.A. and Ivanov A.S. Experimental Study of Dehumidified Air Convection by Holographic and Thermocouple Methods
  59. Stolbov O.V., Raikher Yu.L. Deformation of a sphere made of magnetoactive elastomer under a strong uniform magnetic field
  60. Subbotin S. On the origin of geostrophic liquid cylinders in rotating sphere with oscillating inner core
  61. Tagiltsev I.I. and Shutov A.V. Assessment of residual stresses in a T-joint weld bycombined experimental/theoretical approach
  62. Tsvetkov R.V., Glot I.O., Epin V.V., Shardakov I.N. and Shestakov A.P. Forecast of the surface tilt based on the monitoring data of settlement of a group of buildings
  63. Vjatkin A.A., Kozlov V.G., Sabirov R.R. Experimental study of thermal convection in a cylindrical layer with a longitudinal partition at modulated rotation
  64. Vlasova O.A., Karpunin I.E., Kozlov N.V. Experimental study of steady flows in centrifuged immiscible liquids in rotating horizontal cylinder
  65. Vshivkov A., Iziumova A., Prokhorov A., Mybassarova V., Plekhov O. Approximation of heat dissipation - crack rate curve for fatigue crack in stainless steel
  66. Zuev A.L., Shakirov N.N., Sudakov A.I. and Mishlanov V.Yu. Application of electroimpedance spirometry for clinical assessment of respiratory function indices
  67. Zuev A.L., Shakirov N.N., Sudakov A.I. and Mishlanov V.Yu. Pulse related changes in electrical impedance of blood vessels: physical, experimental and modelling aspects
  68. Zuev A.L., Shakirov N.N., Sudakov A.I. and Mishlanov V.Yu. Research of ionic, molecular and cellular mechanisms for formation of electric impedance in biological fluids and tissues
  69. Kolesnichenko I., Losev G., Eltishchev V., Mamykin A. Features of modeling multiphase media in problems of electromagnetic generation of ows
  70. Okatev R.S., Kolesnichenko I.V. Electromagnetic forces acting on a medium with inhomogeneous electrical conductivity
  71.  Kolesnichenko I., Mamykin A., Golbraikh E., Pavlinov A. Temperature correlation method application to the problem of measuring the ow rate of liquid sodium


Публикации по материалам докладов, представленных на XXII Зимней школе и получивших рекомендацию Научного комитета, могут быть опубликованы в следующих журналах:

  • IOP Journal of Physics: Conference Series (индексируется в WOS и Scopus) (Статьи принимаются до 1 апреля, требования к статьям находятся в прикрепленном файле). Публикации в данном журнале платные. Стоимость опубликования одной статьи составляет 15000 рублей. (объем статьи 6-8 стр.);
  • Procedia Structural Integrity (индексируется в WOS и Scopus)  По приглашению Оргкомитета, высланному после окончания работы Школы вместе с шаблоном и требованиями к оформлению статей. Статьи принимаются до 15 мая. Публикации в данном журнале платные.  Объем статьи от 4 до 8 стр. Стоимость публикаций определится их поданным количеством, но не более 15000 руб. Тематика статей должна соответствовать тематике журнала.


Авторы, получившие рекомендации, должны выбрать только один журнал, в который они хотели бы представить статьи.

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При подготовке статьи по материалам доклада можно внести изменения в название, и, если требуется, перечень авторов.

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Требования к статьям и оформлению, а также условия опубликования:
IOP Journal of Physics: Conference Series,
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