Sep 6 – 8, 2006
Permsky Krai, Dobriansky Municipal District, Polaznenskoye urban settlement
Asia/Yekaterinburg timezone

Institute of Continuous Media Mechanics and Max-Planck-Institut fuer Radioastronomie


On behalf of Organizing Committee we would like to express our gratitude to all participants for their contributions to the Workshop and offer some matirial for your consideration.

  • The summary of our round-table discussion.
  • Abstarct book.
  • List of presentations. All presentations are available here with author's permission for personal use only. Redistribution or use of material must be agreed by the author.
Akhmetiev, PetrHigher cross-helicity and current-helicity integrals in MHD
Artyuh, VadimInvestigations of physical conditions in AGNs by the radio astronomy method
Beck, RainerPolarization observations of interstellar magnetic fields and prospects with the LOFAR and SKA radio telescopes
Elstner, DetlefThe magnetorotational instability in galaxies
Fletcher, AndrewDepolarization canals and interstellar turbulence
Frick, PeterMHD-dynamo experiments
Dogiel, VladimirInteraction between charged particles and magnetic turbulence in the interstellar medium
Haverkorn, MarijkeSmall-scale structure in the Galactic ISM, from depolarization of polarized extragalactic sources
Krause, MaritaStar formation and magnetic fields in spiral galaxies of different morphological types
Kothes, RolandStudying the interstellar magneto-ionic medium through the Canadian Galactic Plane Survey
Mao, Sui AnnThe Magnetic Field of the Small Magellanic Cloud and the Magellanic Bridge
Mizeva, IrinaStatistical analysis of polarized radio maps
Moss, DavidDynamo models for the large barred galaxy NGC 1365
Newton-McGee, KatherineThe Nature of Depolarisation Canals in the southern Galactic Plane
Noskov, VitalyElectromagnetic "red" shift
Popova, ElenaMultifrequency analysis of quasiperiodicl astrophysical signals
Raedler, Karl-HeinzOn the effects of turbulence on a screw dynamo
Reich, WolfgangFaraday screens: do they mimic turbulence?
Ruediger, GuenterMagnetorotational instability in the MHD Taylor-Couette experiment PROMISE
Schaefer-Rolffs, UrsThe relativistic Weibel instability: linear and non-linear description
Shchekinov, YuriDynamics of dust in magnetized interstellar shock waves Schnitzeler, Dominic The WENSS & Dwingeloo surveys and the Galactic magnetic field
Schekochihin, AlexanderMagnetised turbulence in the weakly collisional plasma of the ISM
Schnitzeler, DominikThe WENSS & Dwingeloo surveys and the Galactic magnetic field
Sokoloff, DmitrySaturation and quenching in alpha-square dynamo
Stepanov, RodionGalactic magnetic field reconstruction form the Faraday rotation measures
Tabatabaei, FatemehThe radio-IR correlation in M33
Tarbeeva, SophiaCosmological magnetic field evolution in the early Universe
Waelkens, AndreSimulation and Analysis of Polarized Intensity Maps
Zamorina, AntoninaModelling of depolarization effects in ISM
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